MARCEE Minnesota Area R/C Electric Flight Enthusiasts

Converting the Magnetic Mayhem Motor

To Ball Bearings


By Mike Pfeiffer (MARCEE)

Note: Mike did this for us as a demo at a club meeting. It only takes him about 15 minutes to make this conversion and he says a first timer can do it in about 30 minutes.

The Magnetic Mayhem is a great motor for the price, but the bushings are really a weak point -- I wore out the front bushing after only a few flights in a direct drive configuration. The bushings do last longer in a gear-drive configuration.


Note: This is also an excellent opportunity to re-time a forward rotation motor for reverse rotation (the forward rotation motors are usually available from Tower's stock, but the reverse ones are frequently back ordered). The timing as factory set seems to be correct for most applications, so I would not recommend changing that.